Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Discover why it is important to support the educational achievement of students from foster care. Highlights include successful state programs.

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Chapter 2

Learn about the New York foster care system’s population, structure, and priorities. Features a glossary of common child welfare terms.

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Chapter 3

Explore strategies, resources, and programs that provide financial support to students from foster care. Covers key definitions, program eligibility, required documentation, and funding opportunities.

Education and Training Voucher Application Instructions
Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request Form
Room and Board Payment Verification Letter

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Chapter 4

Find information about available programs and services that promote better outcomes for youth with a foster care background.

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Chapter 5

Connect students to available public benefits and community-based resources that address common barriers to college success.

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Chapter 6

Review best practices and recommendations designed to make college success a reality for current and former foster youth.

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