Meet Edwin Soto


Hello! My name is Edwin Soto. I currently attend The State University of New York at Purchase. I’m majoring in psychology and I grew up in the South Bronx. My parents are from the Dominican Republic. I’m became an advocate for the Fostering Youth Success Alliance (FYSA) because youth of my ethnicity need more role models. When I was younger, there was so much I wish I knew then that I know now while being in foster care. Being an advocate will allow me to educate youth who are unaware of the resources they have access to. One thing that I felt I lacked when I was younger was someone to look up to. I can be someone for youth to look up to when they have no one in their life. I believe parents should have access to the types of mental disorders they are dealing with when kids enter their homes. There should be more programs and workshops on how to work with kids who are neurodivergent. I want to be remembered for the type of energy I bring into a room. I feel like as I grow older and become more confident I will get better in being able to spark a light into a room that seems dead.